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John DeMerritt owns and operates a bookbindery in Emeryville.  His shop specializes in producing small editions and custom boxes and housings. He works primarily for Artists, Galleries, Fine Art Publishers and Printers.

In his personal work, he is particularly interested in the use of architectural models and dioramas as a means to explore interior space, as well as his continuing interest in the book medium.

In 2006, John and his wife, Nora Pauwels, were the Artists in Residence at the San Francisco Center for The Book, where they produced an editioned Artist Book, De Rekening.

John has taught at The Kala Institute, The San Francisco Center for The Book, The Pacific Center for Book Arts, The Hand Bookbinders of CA and The Guild of Bookmakers.

For the last 9 years, John has taught bookmaking in The Photography Department of the San Francisco Art Institute.

John DeMerritt & Nora Pauwels,  Four Short Films

2009, kozo/gampi paper, museum board, ball point pen, fabric, drafting film, mirror, 36” x 12” x  7”



Nora Pauwels has been a printmaker since 1978, focusing primarily on etching.

Past exhibitions featuring her work include Interplay at Kala Institute in Berkeley (2008), Cultivating Creativity at the Yuerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco (2007), Radical Printmaking at the Art Commission Gallery in San Francisco (2000), Flight 2000 at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois (2000), and Tallin Print Triennial, in Tallin, Estonia (1998).

Her work is also included in the Frans Mazereel Grafiek Collection in Belgium, the Achenbach Collection in San Francisco, and the New York Public Library.  In 2009, she received a commission from The City of Emeryville’s Arts in Public Places Program to exhibit her drawings in four new bus shelters.

Born in Belgium, Nora lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2004 she began drawing exclusively and has only recently returned to printmaking, which she now aims to infuse with the immediacy of drawing.

January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

“Four Short Films is informed by Duchamp’s investigations into dimension.  A flat plane, a perspective, a shape and a shadow.   Or:  Flat, less flat, fire and a zebra.  ”.    John & Nora



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