3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th: Blue Sky # 1,

2009, steel, wood, paint, dimensions variable, infinite,  $10,000


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Rebecca Goldfarb received her BA in Art and Environmental Studies from Pitzer College in 1996 and her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004.

Goldfarb’s work crosses a range ofmedia that includes sculpture, drawing, installation and photo-based media to explore the sensual and conceptual experience of things. Her projects linger in the infinite and in-between space where language, thought, memory, and sense interact as ways to investigate the act of thinking and seeing.

Goldfarb has recently been granted a residency at Kala Art Institute and recognized for awards by Artadia and James D. Phelan. She has exhibited with Todd Hosfelt Gallery, Steven Wolf Fine Arts and Queens Nails Annex, among others. Goldfarb is represented by Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, San Francisco. In addition to '3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th (Blue Sky #1),' the sculpture included in the 'Seduction of Marcel Duchamp' exhibition, her work is also currently on view in at Stanford University (solo show) and Lincart, San Francisco.

Rebecca’s 3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th: Blue Sky #1, was re-installed on the side walk of Valencia Street in San Francisco outside ArtZone 461 Gallery at aproximately 5:15 pm on the day of January 8th, 2010. 

January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

Rebecca Goldfarb

Model for “3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th”

2009, wood, paint,  $800

" ‘Beyond the Retinal’ were words Duchamp used to convey how art ought  to extend beyond immediate experience and visual pleasure alone,  a  notion that he demonstrated by displaying ordinary, mass produced  objects such as a urinal or a snow shovel as works of fine art, by  leaving other works such as The Large Glass "definitively unfinished," and creating pieces that disorient our visual acuity and are conceptually puzzling.  Duchamp was interested in life and in imagination of realms that are independent of ordinary life and material existence. He believed that art should go "beyond the animal state, because art is an outlet toward regions which are not ruled by time and space."

Inspired from these Duchampian notions, the 3 Legged Chair with an Infinite 4th: Blue Sky #1 is an ordinary household chair that departs from the ordinary world visually, conceptually and  dimensionally when it's 4th leg enters into the earth and extends on, weaving through the universe without end”.   Rebecca Goldfarb

Surveillance Wine Glass,

2007, C-print, 30" x 30", 1 of 2, $2,200

Illuminating Gas,

2009, found object, 16" x 12" x 12",

1 of 15, $500

11 of 35

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