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“In 2001 I made the painting Rhythm Section, which to my surprise critic Kenneth Baker described in his review in ArtNEWS as “the closest Kremer has come to acknowledging Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase…” 

The invitation to participate in the exhibition The Seduction of Duchamp at the Slaughterhouse, stimulated me to combine Rhythm Section with an animation of Duchamp’s famous masterpiece.   Duchamp made this painting in 1912, when cubism, futurism and Muybridge’s experiments with animal locomotion were groundbreaking ideas. Although Duchamp was a famous contrarian who wanted to contradict the art establishment’s notion that nudes were supposed to recline, not descend staircases, I like to think that deep down he was struggling to make paint move. (Perhaps he stopped painting because, no matter how hard he tried, it really didn’t.)

My paintings have often been described as having “so much motion”. In 2008 I began to make “hybrid” works, in which I project specially-created video animations onto the surface of a painting or drawing, thus bringing true motion to these works. The projection and the painting/drawing co-exist in a visual balance so that the viewer is uncertain which part is paint and which projection, till the spot where the gaze is resting starts to move. For this project, I decided to animate Duchamp’s nude and allow it to descend Rhythm Section.”   Naomie Kremer

Naomie Kremer

Nude Descending Rhythm Section 2001-09, oil on canvas with video projection, 84” x 60”,


January 9  -  February 7, 2010




Hanna Regev

& Steven Lopez

Naomie Kremer was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised in Brooklyn NY. She received a BA from the University of Rochester in 1975, an MA in Art History from Sussex University, England, in 1977, and an MFA with High Distinction from California College of the Arts in 1993. She has taught and lectured extensively in the US and abroad, including at CCA, San Francisco Art Institute, Oxford University, and Syracuse University’s program in Florence, Italy, and has exhibited internationally. She currently lives and works in the Bay Area and in Paris, France.

Though deeply grounded in painting practice, Kremer has worked extensively with digital media, including text animations, painting animations, and hybrid paintings, which are oil on canvas with video projected on their surface. The Berkeley Opera commissioned her to create a video backdrop for Bela Bartok’s opera, Bluebeard’s Castle, which was performed to great acclaim in May 2008. Recent exhibitions include paintings at Hosfelt Gallery, NYC, and video based work at the Knoedler Gallery project Space in NYC. She is represented by Modernism gallery, San Francisco, David Floria Gallery, Aspen, Colorado, and Hosfelt Gallery, New York, NY.

Rhythm Section, 2001

oil on canvas, 84” x 60”

Animation over Rhythm Section, 2009, oil on canvas with video projection, 84” x 60”

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